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For the Santa Julia Winery, being natural, taking care of the environment, and growing in harmony with the community where we find ourselves, have been our founding pillars since the beginning.

Not only do we work at taking care of the land, we also take care of those who work it, and the community that surrounds it.
We are convinced that the wine does not come only from the land, the climate, or the variety, rather that it is fundamentally the expression of the sum of people that intervene in the process of creating it.

For this, we understand sustainability from each one of the aspects of our jobs.


    We protect the native flora and fauna, maintaining the biodiversity of the area and providing great quantities of oxygen for the environment.


    Each sector of the winery is thermally isolated in order to preserve the cold and they have independent supplies of energy, which allows us to activate only necessary areas, reducing consumption.


    Through the process of internal classification, we recycle plastics, glass, and cardboard.


    We put natural Organic Material through a microbial fermentation, that after a thermal process, deactivates seeds and weeds and eliminates pathogenic fungi. 


    The worm consumes the organic material and produces a biological decomposition that gives stability and exceptional quality.


    Through water treatment, 100% of the water used in the winery for vinification processes is reutilized for irrigation in the vineyards.


    Our winery possesses a satellite classroom in the Santa Rosa Farm, in which exists the possibility that adults complete their primary studies, as well as support classes in the main subjects for kids and adolescents in rural areas. At the same time, in the Maipú estate, a primary school was constructed in 2013 thanks to a donation of land from the winery.

    Brindamos capacitaciones y talleres que contribuyan a mejorar la calidad de vida de los trabajadores.


    From Santa Julia, we fight in protest for child labor by creating different activities for kids. We organize events throughout the year, like summer camps, and celebrating kid’s day in Argentina.


    Workers and visitors at the winery can participate in activities that are held at the cultural center in Santa Rosa.

    The building has different spaces for activities.

    Multi use area, computer department (the only one in the area), study spaces, a gym, and a library.

    The Santa Julia Winery was the first winery in Mendoza that has achieved the certification “Fair for Life”. The recognition allows us to commercialize our wines in external markets with the seal “Fair for Life”.

    This certification assures the consumer that the winery follows strict guidelines for quality, that the workers throughout the production line enjoy good and fair working conditions. What’s more, a percentage of what the consumer pays goes back to the workers through a commission that decides the best way to reinvest this money for the same workers.

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