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Rubén graduated from the college of Don Bosco at the University of Juan Agustin Maza, in Mendoza in 1990, with a degree in Enology. Since then, he has protagonized more than 25 harvests at the winery.

With the goal of perfecting his own technical expertise and acquiring experience, he has traveled extensively working harvests in France; Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Cataluña, Spain; Verona, Italia.

An enthusiastic winemaker shows excellence in the details and passion for what he makes.


Agronomic Engineer

Edgardo Cónsoli is the one in charge of taking care of the vineyards.

“It is fascinating to discover the expression of the different grape varieties in wines and to appreciate the variation that the different zones, climate characteristics, soils and the conduction systems contribute to achieve high quality wines” Edgardo Consoli

"The possibility of harvesting grapes with different origins gives us innumerable options when it comes to creating blends and varieties that compose each one of our wines."