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Julia is the only daughter of José Alberto. Created in her honor, Santa Julia represents our commitment to reaching only the highest standards of quality through sustainable practices that contribute to the care of the environment and being useful to the community in which we live.



Alberto Zuccardi, Engineer, began experimenting with new systems of irrigation in Mendoza.


He planted a vineyard in the region of Maipú to show local farmers the functionality of his new system of irrigation.


He decided to focus on the cultivation of high quality vinicultural varieties. JULIA is born.


First exports of the Brand Santa Julia. Ruben Ruffo becomes an enologist at Santa Julia and is responsible for the development and growth of our wines.


In the Santa Rosa Vineyard, we began planting nontraditional vineyards in Argentina: Caladoc, Ancellotta, Graciano, Bourbulenc, Aglianico, Albariño, Falangina, etc.


Inauguration of the small experimental winery in order to vinify small batches with three to five thousand kilos.


It was a year of new projects, to which new generations of the Zuccardi family would become a part.


The Santa Julia Winery was the first winery to open its center for visitors with its own restaurant. Today the project is headed by Julia Zuccardi.


The sparkling wines project is born. A new challenge that, today, accompanies the other lines of wine.


With the objective of producing the most natural wines possible, we achieve the first organic vineyards certification.


Two of our principal vineyards are certifies Fair for Life. This allows us a fair development of the socioeconomic activities of our workers.

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