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La Oveja and El Burro

By 12 February, 2021Noticias

Both wines are an accurate reflection of our mission to craft sustainable wines in an attempt to preserve natural resources for future generations.

“These wines are sourced from Finca Maipú, one of our estates, where 175 ha of its vineyards have been certified organic by Letis since 2001. This estate, combined with Finca Santa Rosa’s 145 organic certified ha, makes Santa Julia Winery the top certified organic winegrower in Argentina.” Julia Zuccardi

La Oveja and El Burro are two organic wines: Organic agriculture is a crop production system that preserves soil, ecosystem and human health. It is rooted in ecological processes, biodiversity and the adaptation of farming cycles to local conditions, rather than in the application of chemicals and synthetic substances to the soil.

They are also natural wines, as they have been crafted using minimal human intervention. No sulphites are added in its production processes (sulphites act as preservatives, given their antioxidant and antibacterial properties). No selected yeasts are used either: instead, only indigenous yeasts are used. Because there is no clarification process involved, these wines are also vegan.

Last but not least, they have been certified in the Fair for Life program, which ensures fair working conditions for our winery employees.

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